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Now you can Personalize your Firearm for only $6.95 per month with our Interest FREE Financing! 
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In the wrong hands, your firearm can cause tragedy. Those hands could belong to your child, an intruder or an attacker. In each case, you need to be the only one who can fire your weapon. AND you need to do it quickly and easily.

Now you can.
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  • Prevent accidental shootings.
  • Curious children can't pull the trigger.
  • No one can use your gun against you.
  • Simple "quick-click" combination.
  • Allows you to fire in less than 3 seconds, even in complete darkness.
  • Mechanical operation.  No keys to find or batteries to fail.
  • Requires no modification to firearm.
  • Becomes part of the firearm and complements its function and appearance.
  • Lifetime Warranty.  Unconditional Money-back Guarantee! 
  • Made in the U.S.A. 

The power is in your hands. Lock your firearm.  For life.

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